A large part of The Corroseum's Olde Metal Labels Index is was initially not the work of The Corroseum at all, but rather an updated version of Raoul Sanchez' long lost Metal Labels site. Raoul was kind enough to donate his work to The Corroseum since he hasn't had the time to update his old site for many years and I was more than happy to continue where he left off. This list contains both revised versions of old MLD pages, new unique indexes as well as links to a few external discography-pages which does the work better than I could ever dream to do.

With the permission of Roman Greindl from the old Forgotten Steel webzine(now mostly a distro) I also added most of the discographies from his old Label Special, making this section the Ultimate 80's Metal Label List I always wanted to create!

Some important notes:

  • Many of these lists are far from complete (hell, there might even be a mistake or 2 in there), so anyone who wants to chip in with additional info are more than welcome to do so in the designated thread in The Corroseum Forum, or by e-mailing me. You will get credit for your help.

  • All titles in italics are non-Metal releases. I've decided to include them anyway, just to answer reoccuring questions of what album this or that serial-# was. Titles in red are releases that never saw the light of day and are also included for the same reason.

  • All pictures of the record sleeves are of the pressing of that particular label. Or at least they're supposed to be. Corrections are welcomed.

  • Every little updated title or picture will not necessarily be announced in the news dept. but larger updates and new labels will.

  • Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the -icon. It's your trusty Corroseum-guide to crushing albums I think deseve more attention.
    (You won't find this one next to classics like the Mercyful Fate mini, Killer's "Wall Of Sound", Living Death's "Back To The Weapons" etc since that would be insulting your intelligence...)

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