GAMA Musikverlag was started by Peter Garattoni and Gunter Marek in 1980. Not really a record company in itself, GAMA instead became an umbrella for a number of sublabels of which most should be well known names to all devoted Heavy Metal Hunters. José Luis Cano's GAMA Rec site Cry Out For Metal covers some more details and has been a great source of info for this list, so so much for the basics.

Why they chose to start up so many sublabels is a mystery yet unsolved (perhaps it's just some boring, bureaucratic tax-evasion reason behind it all?) and it has made the cataloguing rather complicaded. I finally decided to put all labels on one page to get a good overview, but divided into subsections:

Seems to be the first label created by misters Garattori & Marek. I've once seen it referred to as "a sister label to Rockport [Records]", so that might give some indications on where they started out in the record company business. The early SL releases were mostly prog, classic rock and blues with the odd hardrocker thrown in. Just for the hell of it I've included the titles of all early, non-Metal releases I've found info on. Maybe one or 2 them will be recognized as at least semi-ontopic hard rock by better knowing parties?

It's my impression that the bands and albums under the Scratch Records flag were the ones that got the most promotion and attention from the men in charge. GAMA's "A-label" if you will. They're also the ones you'll most often come across in the 2nd hand sale bins.

...would be GAMA's "B-label" then. One notch down qualitywhise imo, but there's a handful of decent ones among them. Sehr Kult!

Um, "Hot Blood Rec. part 2"? Sorry, I don't see any pattern or method behind the madness here.

I only know of 2 releases and they certainly didn't have much in common musicwise. Kinda cool logo though.

A few thrashers that could just as well have been released under the Scratch/Scratchcore monicker.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
  2080 Requiem Steven LP 1980 Not Metal (?)
2180 Piledriver Letters Of Steel  LP 1980  
  2280 Tantalus Sitting In A Dream LP 198? Not Metal (?)
  2380 Purple Haze Enjoy Your Dinner LP 1981 Not Metal (?)
  2480 Floating Opera s/t LP 1981 Not Metal (?)
  2580 Canary Cage Company LP 1981 Not Metal (?)
7001 Sinner Wild'n'Evil  LP 1981  
  7002 Poker Red Neck Roller LP 1981 Not Metal (?)
  7003 Passenger Move Time LP 198? Not Metal (?)
  7004 Herzkasper Eigen-Sinniges LP 198? Not Metal (?)
  7005 Hoochie Koochie Blues Band s/t LP 198? Not Metal
  7006 Vox s/t LP 198? Not Metal (?)
  7007 Red Devil Band s/t LP 198? Not Metal (?)
  7008 Swell Mob Wild Ones LP 1982 Not Metal (?)
  7009 Rosseau Retreat LP 1982 Not Metal (?)
  7010 George Lawall Die Himmelsleiter Steht Im Sumpf LP 1982 Not Metal
  7011 Destructors Exercise The Demons Of Youth LP 1982 Not Metal. Punk.
  7012 Mojo Tebron His Very Own Blues LP 1983 Not Metal
  7013 Marina Kay Bluesband Unterwegs LP 1983 Not Metal
  7014 Al Jones Blues Band Movin'n'Grovin LP 1983 Not Metal
  7015 J Boss Band s/t LP 1983 Not Metal (?)
  7016 Ekkes Septembermorgen LP 1983 Not Metal (?)
  7017 Herzkasper Schwarz-Wei? LP 198? Not Metal (?)
  7018 John Red Kirkbride Sourdough, Corn And Hot Biscuits LP 1984 Not Metal
7019 Beast Lonely Nights LP 1984  
7020 TNT Deflorator LP 1984  
7021 Renegade s/t LP 1986  
7022 Carrion Evil Is There! LP 1986  
7023 Noisehunter Time To Fight LPL 1986  
7024 Tox s/t LP 1986
SL 805 111-938 The Adicts Fifth Overture LP 1986 Not Metal. Punk/new wave.
95001 Sinner Fast Decision LP 1983  
4595002 Zeng In Meinem Leben 12" EP 1984 Not Metal. Punk/new wave?
95003 Tyran' Pace Eye To Eye LP 1984  
95004 Restless Heartattack LP 1984 Maybe 10% less Accept than they became on their more famous follow-up, the remaining 10% leaning more towards basic Ebony-rec style NWOBHM.
95005 Gravestone Victim Of Chains LP 1984  
95006 Namaz Come Inside LP 1984 Not Metal. Soul/funk/disco?
95007 ? ? LP 1984  
95008 Stormwitch Walpurgis Night LP 1984  
950014 Luxster Devil's Gun 12" 1984 Not Metal. Rap/hip-hop.
930006 V/A Heavy Metal Live In Germany vol. I LP 1985 Featuring:
Stormwitch, Restless, Tyran' Pace and Gravestone.
941 305 Restless We Rock The Nation LP 1985 At 13, this was the rarest Metal album in the world to me. Having a poor tape dub of the fantastic closer "Metal Chains" and no clue where to get hold of the album was my first proper experience with Collector's Frustration. I did get hold of a copy about a year later but much of the magic was gone by then, partly thanx to the better sound quality of the LP, leaving too little to the imatination but also due to other, heavier discoveries in the meantime.
INT 110.571 Restless We Rock The Nation 7" 1985 "Metal Chains" is the greatest song ever made by an Accept-clone, which is not to say Restless is the greatest Accept-clone out there, but ever since I heard the song 32 odd years ago it has remained a symbol of everything that's great about German Metal. Or Heavy Metal in general for that matter. The A-side is pretty damn great too.

Co-released by Blow Up.
941 306 Gravestone Back To Attack LP 1985  
941 307 Stormwitch Tales Of Terror LP 1985  
941 308 Tyrant Fight For Your Life LP 1985  
941 309 Veto s/t LP 1985  
941 310 Killer Young Blood LP 1985  
941 311 Sergeant Streetwise LP 1985  
941 312 Stormwitch Stronger Than Heaven LP 1986  
805 033 Gravestone Creating A Monster LP 1986  
805 034 Vectom Rules Of Mystery LP 1986 On sub-sublabel
 805 035 S.D.I.  Satans Defloration Incorporated  LP 1986  On sub-sublabel
805 072 938 Tyrant Running Hot LP 1986  
805 108 995 V/A Heavy Metal In Germany vol. II LP 1986 Featuring:
Tyrant, Tox, Gravestone, Noisehunter, High Tension and Stormwitch.
805 131 938 Paul Samson Joint Forces LP 1986 Licensed from Raw Power Records.
805 132 938 Sword Metalized LP 1986 Licensed from Aquarius Records.
805 226 938 Assault Survival In The Streets LP 1987 Licensed from Music Line Records.
805 269 938 Necronomicon Apocalyptic Nightmare LP 1987 On sub-sublabel
805 270 938 Noisehunter Spell Of Noise LP 1987 About as typical as German 80's Metal could get without actually being ACCEPT. Def' belonging in the better half of the label output and also the most accomplished release of the band.
805 336 938 Tokyo Blade Ain't Misbehavin' LP 1987  
805 465 938 Paul DiAnno's Battlezone Children Of Madness LP 1987  
805 528 928

880 763 909
Stormwitch The Beauty And The Beast LP/CD 1987  

880 529

Exumer Possessed By Fire CD 1987 Made in Japan.

LP version released by Disaster Records
880 530 Gravestone Creating A Monster/
Victim Of Chains
CD 1986 Made in Japan.
880 531 Stormwitch Stronger Than Heaven/
Walpurgis Night
CD 1986 Made in Japan.
880 532 V/A Heavy Metal In Germany Vol. I CD 1986 Made in Japan.

Gravestone, Stormwitch, Tyrant, Sinner, Noisehunter, Renegade, Maniac, Tyran Pace and Stranger.
880 534 910 Angel Dust Into The Dark Past CD 1986 Made in Japan.

LP version released by Disaster Records
880 811 Darkness Defenders Of Justice CD 1988 LP-version released on Tales Of Thrash.
805 777 928

880 812
S.D.I. Sign Of The Wicked LP/CD 1987  
880 833 High Tension Masters Of Madness CD 1987 LP-version released on Hot Blood.
808 165 928

885 182 919
Tyrant Ruling The World LP 1988  
808 166 928

885 183 919
Veto Carthago LP/CD 1988
10822 Necronomicon Escalation CD 1989 LP-version released on Tales Of Thrash.
HB2001 Six Point Six Fallen Angel LP 1984  
941 315 High Tension Warrior LP 1985  
941 316 No Trouble Looking For Trouble LP 1985  
941 317 Vectom Speed Revolution LP 1985  
941 318 Stranger The Bell LP 1985  
941 319 Midnight Darkness Holding The Night LP 1986  
941 320 Maniac s/t LP 1985 It makes a great T-shirt, but as an album cover it's a disaster. I've gotta give some credits to the band name though - it matches exactly the level of originality contained on the disc itself, so no major disappointments are abound. Very little meat to be found here so let's call it plain Potato-Metal..
941 385 Vampyr Cry Out For Metal LP 1986  
90031 High Tension Under Tension LP 1986  
90032 Battlezone Fighting Back LP 1986  
805 274 938 No Trouble Watch Out! LP 1987  
805 841 928 High Tension Masters Of Madness LP 1987 CD-version released on Scratch Records.
8711 Veto/No Trouble Veto/Watch Out! CD 1988  
8712 Tyrant Mean Machine CD 1988  
8713 High Tension Under Tension CD 1988 Includes 1 bonus track: "Hot Legs"
8714 Tox Prince Of Darkness CD 1988 Includes s/t LP as bonus.
8715 V/A Giant Metal Meeting CD 1988 Featuring:
Veto, Killer, Maniac, Stormwitch, Sinner, Tyrant, Tox, High Tension and Vampyr.

Forrester Even The Score LP/CD 1988  

Stranger Pretty Angels LP/CD 1990  

Tokyo Blade No Remorse LP/CD 1988  
87181 S
Tokyo Blade Dark Night Over Paradise 7" 1988 Promo. No p/s

Stormwitch Eye Of The Storm LP/CD 1989  

S.D.I. Mistreated LP/CD 1989  

Darkness Conclusion And Revival LP/CD 1989  
LPGAMA90 Stormwitch Live In Budapest LP 1990 This and the 2 albums below have turned up in such microscopic quantities it's very doubtful they were ever offically released. If anyone knows the full story about these German Metal top-rarities, please get in contact.


Pharao Bad Boys From East LP 1990  


Tyrant Live And Crazy LP 1990
70031 Tyrant Mean Machine LP 1984  
70032 Sergeant s/t LP 1984  
70033 Sphinx Burning Lights LP 1985 Originally released on Peak Records in 1981 as "Here We Are".
70034 Bloody Six In The Name Of Blood LP 1984  
70035 Starstruck Thru' To You LP 1984  
70036 Tox Princess Of Darkness LP 1985  
70037 Sacrifice On The Altar Of Rock LP 1985 
1P2000 V/A Rock-Fabrik Festival-84 LP 1984 More info here.
941 452 Necronomicon s/t LP 1985
805 253 938 Darkness Death Squad LP 1987  
805 855 928 Darkness Defenders Of Justice LP 1988 CD-version released on Scratch Records.

Necronomicon Escalation LP/CD 1989 CD-version released on Scratch Records.
Additional oddities
2811 Sudden Darkness Fear Of Reality LP 198? A real curiosity. This was supposed to come out on one of the many GAMA-imprints in the mid/late 80's, but was scrapped for unknown reasons. 12 test-pressings does however exist. Officially re-released by Diabolic Might Records in 2016.
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow), DaN Edman and Jose Luis Cano. Additional info by Roman Greindl, Avenger and Stefano Manzone.

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