Curious Dutch label that wanted to be all things to all people. After releasing a few classic Metal albums in the mid-80's they went all over the place in the 90's. DEMON + CANCER + KREYSON = ???

It's just a hunch but I would guess most of the missing serial#s are releases on other labels under the same motherlabel/distributor.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
1010 Sweet Cheater Immortal Instant LP 1986  
1011 Siren No Place Like Home LP 1986
1012 Allied Forces The Day After LP 1986 Labels carry the wrong serial# (1011)
1012 Savage Grace Ride Into The Night Pic-12" EP 1987 Mislabeled with the same serial# as Allied Forces.
1016 Blood Feast Chopping Block Blues LP/CD 1990 Licensed from New Renaissance Records.

Demon One Helluva Night DLP/CD 1990  

Demon Hold On To The Dream LP + 12"/CD 1991  

Kreyson Angel On The Run LP/CD 1990  

Cancer Death Shall Rise LP/CD 1991  
300104 Cancer To The Gory End CD 1991  
30011 Kreyson Crusaders CD 1991  

Domain Crack In The Wall LP/CD 1991  

Demon Blow-Out LP/CD 1992  
30021 Cancer The Sins Of Mankind CD 1993  
300302 Domain Collection 86-92 CD 1992  
30031 Dave Hill Welcom To The Real World CD 1993 Demon-member solo. Probably not Metal (?)
505035 Mercyless Abject Offerings CD 1992  
50 528-422 Night Ranger Feeding Off The Mojo CD 1996 Not Metal. aor.
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Peter Ott, Thomas Bieri and Avenger.

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