Small indie-label from the town of Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia (now Serbia). They started out as a "Metal Fan-Club" in the late 80's, supporting local bands and by 1989 they had their first vinyl release out on the market. With the start of the civil war they went on hiatus, but reappeared in the late 90's with a couple of tape-only releases. I've been told these are rather 'off-topic" style wise, so I'm not gonna bother tracking down any specs on them. They also made a couple of video compilations (at least one promo-vid comp + one live comp from a festival, recorded in '92) but they were never properly released due to the war. War sucks.

These should be all of their vinyl releases, all of which also came out on cassette. The standard editions were 500 each (I've been told), with the exception of ANNATHEMA's "Empire Of Noise" which apparently only came out in 120-150 copies. (Long story - search the forum)

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    

LP 01

NL 00011

Bloodbath Toxic Death MLP 1989 Co-released by Panonija Koncert.

LP 02

NL 00012

Bombarder Bez Milosti LP 1991 Co-released by Panonija Koncert.
ELP 3 Annathema Empire Of Noise LP 1991  
ELP 4 Demoniac Touch The Wind LP 1992 Review
ELP 5 Bloodbath Traumatic Memories LP 1992  
Compiled by DaN Edman.

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