Surely the most mysterious of all old German Metal-labels and probably the one discography that has taken the longest for me to, if not complete, then at least make a half-decent attempt to cover.

DS/D&S was basically a home studio owned by Hattingen-resident Michael Jesch. On the early compilations credits were merely given to DS Recording, while the D&S Records-imprint wasn't used until the later band releases (the NINJA lp was the first I believe). This has caused some confusion about which was the "real" name of the label, or even if it was to be considered a record label at all. A couple of the later vinyl releases were also co-released by other labels, sometimes with little reference to DS other than a cat# and the album being mixed and/or recorded there.

The editions of the albums were small-to-miniscule, from a few hundred copies up to a 1000 according to various collectors I've been in touch with. The rarest one would probably be the full 2LP set of the "German Metal Newcomers" compilation or the red vinyl version of RAGE HEART's debut, of which only a handful of copies are known. The more "famous" COURAGE mini would have to settle for 3rd place.

In the early 90's DS got their shit together and started releasing CDs only in a more coherent manner, most of it being in the Death/Thrash-vein. No fun for The Corroseum in other words, so others will have to continue where I left off, i.e. their last vinyl LP release. I've also come across a couple of D&S 7"s with a different cat# system, but since none of them have been even close to Metal I've left them out for the moment.

Finally there's the 4 releases on punk micro label Schrägton Records. According to an old contact address they were from the small town of Witten, only 10 km from DS Studios in Hattingen. While they're not to be considered DS-releases per se, they're most likely the explanation behind those "missing" early catalogue numbers (something they might have received because they were recorded in the DS studio) and for this reason I've squeezed in the titles in the list below for clarification. I didn't include their 1st release, compilation LP "Zivil-Courage" from 1986, but it's worth noting that it also carried a familiar serial#: WK30.715.

For a good overview of the rare comps of this label, check out this list of D&S Records compilations at the Corroseum's Metal Compilopedia.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
WK30.616 V/A Break Out - German Metal Tracks no. 1 LP 1985 More info here.
WK30.671 V/A Break Out - German Metal Tracks no. 2 LP 1986 More info here.
WK30.698 V/A Metal Hour - German Metal Tracks no. 3 LP 1986 More info here.
WK30.746 V/A Metal Hour - German Metal Tracks no. 4 LP 1986 More info here.
WK30.770 V/A Break Out - German Metal Tracks no. 5 LP 1987 More info here.
  DS 001 Die Stammelnden Heimkinder/
Cretin Hoppers
Nachbar's Keller
1986 Punk/HC on Schrägton Records (see info above).
DS002 Courage Gold And Ivory MLP 1986 300 copies.
DS003 V/A German Metal Fighters no. 1 LP 1987 More info here.
  DS004 Die Stammelnden Heimkinder Heut' Schon Gestammelt? MLP 198? Punk on Schrägton Records (see info above).
DS005 V/A German Metal Fighters no. 2 LP 1988 More info here.
  DS006 Die Stammelnden Heimkinder Bitte Alle Recht Fröhlich MLP 1988 Punk on Schrägton Records (see info above).
DS007 GB Force The Force LP 1988 Available on black(?) and red/pinkish vinyl.
DS008 Rage Heart Too Late To Return LP 1988 Available on black and red vinyl.
DS009 Ninja Invincible LP 1988

HG 04


V/A Unsere Jungs LP 198?

Not Metal. New wave/alternative.

Mirror Images, The Krach, The Late Mister Brown, Die Grosse Bettina Kappert, Steppin Out, Lucifer Yellow, Marylins Army, Mary Goes Mad, Great Balls Of Fire, Kind Of Blue and The Work.

DS/BTR 011 The Mirror Images The Early Days LP 1989 Not Metal. Mod/Alterno-pop.
DS BTR 012 Family 5 Das Blaue vom Himmel LP 1990 Not Metal. New Wave.
DS013 Red Rooster Trouble? Take Our Sister To Party 12" EP 1989  
DS 014 Rage Heart Beats Again LP 1990  
DS 015 Sixfold Groove Some Good Rockin' Tonight LP 1990 Not Metal. Rock (?)
DS 016 ? ? LP 1990 Most likely not the DAWN HAWK lp as previously stated here.
DS-017 V/A The Best Of German Metal Newcomer DLP 1990 Seem to have been distributed as 2 separate releases on occation, since the complete set seldom turns up - if at all.

More info here.
DS 018-019 ? ? ? 199?  
DS318-0020 Die Lokalmatadore Ein Leben Für Die Ärmsten LP/CD 1990 Not Metal. Punk.
Originally on Teenage Rebel Records w/ different cover art.
DS318-0021 ? ? LP 1991  
DS-318-0022 Deciever Tales Of Time LP 1991 1000 copies.
Co-released by InLine Music.
DS-318-0023 Deztroyer Climate Change LP/CD 1991  
DS-318-0024 Heavenward Within These Dreams LP/CD 1991 Co-released by InLine Music.
DS 318.0025.1 Rock'n'Rolls Royce Pointed Shoes LP 1991 Not Metal. Rockabilly.
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Keir Howell, Roman Greindl, Peter Daub, Rob Preston and The Knell.

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