Another very interesting french label. They had the fortitude to take on plenty of American acts as well as a few domestic ones. Several of the Americans were unique, unlicensed signings and those records are rare as hell today. Frankly any of their output can be a complete bitch to find. All in all a great label. They licensed Wendy O'Williams - what more proof do you need?

(Not to be confused with the (German?) label active during the early 90's, responsible for some obscure but more melodic acts like THYRON, SARDONYX etc.)

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
DRE 18351 Chariot Burning Ambition LP 1985 Licensed from Shades Records.
DRE 18352 Wendy O'Williams Kommander Of Kaos LP 1985 Licensed from Sledgehammer Records.
DRE 18353 Nightmare Power Of The Universe LP 1985 Licensed from Ebony Records. Slightly different cover art from the original.
DRE 18354 Excess Melting Point LP 1986
DRE 18355 Mystery Blue Circle Of Shame LP + flexi 1986  
DRE 18356 New York Carry The Torch MLP 1986 Originally on a private label w/ different cover art in 1984.
DRE 18357
Frank Marino Full Circle LP 1986 Not Metal. Blues Rock.
Licensed from Grudge Records.
DRE 18358 Virgin Steele Noble Savage LP 1986 Licensed from Cobra Records.
DRE 18359 Axtion Live MLP 1986  
DRE 18360 Sherwood Rebel LP 1986  
DRE 18361 St. Elmo's Fire s/t LP 1986  
DRE 18362 Sultan's Seed Aimin' For Victory LP 1986  
DRE 18363 Jack Starr No Turning Back LP 1986 Also on US Metal (German pressing) and Napalm Records (US pressing) w/ different cover art.
DRE 18364 Agentz Stick To Your Guns LP 1986  
DRE 18365 Megattack Raw Delivery LP 1986  
DRE 18366 Orphan Allies Running From The Law LP 1986  
DRE 18367
Killers Mise Aux Poings LP 1987  
DRE 18368-18369 ? ? ? 1987  
DRE 18370 ESP The Future Is Now LP 1987
Compiled by DaN Edman.

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