The "Yunost" Radio Studio - 45-minute Sunday Show LP 1987
Label: Melodia #: C60 26349 003 Country: USSR
Info: Russian title: Радиостанция «Юность». 45 Минут В Воскресной Студии / Radiostantsiya 'Yunost' - 45 Minut V Voskresnoy Studii.

Seems to be a compilation of popular songs played on a rock radioshow. Between the tracks are short dialogues from comedian A. Ptitsyn.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. VLADIMIR PRESNYAKOV - Charles Chaplin
  Funky pop/rock.
2. THEATRE - Master
  Jazzy pop.
3. LOTUS - Cat Begemot
  Weird alternative pop w/ some Residents-vibes.
4. CABINET - Ballad
  Pomp rock.

Side B:
1. MASTER - Shield And Sword
  Classic old Euro-power in the style of bands like Kat or Satan. Different from s/t LP version.
2. START - Actual Theme
  Fast Hard Rock with hammond organ similar to Deep Purple/early Rainbow. Great track and the vocals are a bit more raw than we're used to from this subgenre.
3. DUBL'1 - Song Of Raven
  ...a.k.a. "Voron Viking". Dark, malicious, pounding Metal w/ female vocals. A top-10 CCCP-Metal anthem. These guys & girl later turned into the more lightweight Markiza.
4. KRUIZ - Distant Light
  Excellent, uptempo melodic Metal. Sounds exactly like the "Kruiz-1" LP version to these ears.
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