WZIR FM Rock To Riches LP 1982
Label: Starstream #: RTR-8205 Country: USA
Info: Compilation from Niagara Falls, NY radio station WZIR FM (aka Z98) that was part of the Miller High Life Rock To Riches Talent Search. As with most of these contest albums, it comes with a ballot to pick your favorite band.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DENNISON STARS - You Caught My Eye
  Poppy SPARKS wannabes.
2. BENHATZEL - Real Job
  Poor attempt at a tongue-in-cheek hard rock song.
3. BUXX - Hangar 18
  These guys were actually a pretty good hard rock/AOR band, so why did they pick this crappy filler track from Knickers Down?
4. KAREN E. RUSS - Fairy Tale
  Pop/rock ballad.
5. TRIAX - You Are The One
  Repetitive garage metal with high pitched vocals. Does not appear to be the Metalgon TRIAX.

Side B:
1. STIFF MITTIN - Sneaky Pete
  You think it's powerpop or new wave then it goes all 70s heavy rock in the guitar solo. Pretty cool actually.
2. LEBEL - Hello
  I sense a bit of a JOE JACKSON vibe on this one.
3. STROSS FLETCHER - Once Upon A Time
  Progressively inclined heavy rock with dual male and female vocals. Also appeared on the WCMF 96: Homegrown 3 compilation.
4. BIT'ER CHERRY - Relay
  Decent upbeat NWOBHM style song with some crunchy riffing despite a rather poppy chorus.
5. THE BEEZ - Me And My Girl
  Rather boring pomp rock.
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