Who Plays Rock LP 1992
Label: Disco-Team #: DT 2235L Country: Italy
Info: A co-op from different Italian music-orgs and entities presenting up & coming acts from all over Italy. A second volume was released on CD in 1993.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ASH - You Will Never Follow Me
  Above-par, Speedy Power/HM album-opener-type Steel reminding of Brainfever and early Helloween, though not quite as good.
2. FATBACKS - The Story Of Man
  (Hard?) Rock ballad.
3. CAT-FISH - Bottle Up And Go
  Trad. blues/rock'n'roll with harmonica.
4. VIA-DOTTO - Persi Per Strada
  Poppy rock.
  Slick pop-jazz.

Side B:
1. ERIDANIA - Lost Heritage
  Brilliant, original hard folk rock that, while clearly perfomed by real Metalheads, isn't as primary metallic as on their Punto Zero 5/6-contribution from the year before. (The exact same could incidently be said about their great 7" from 1993).
2. STRADA - È La Prima Volta
  Not entirely awful aor.
3. POINT FORCE - It Doesn't Come
  Yet another poor, stupid Metal-band who sentenced their one, tiny shot at recognition to Death By Ballad. Shit career-move aside it's fairly heavy & metallic by ballad standars.
  Pop w/ acoustic guitar.
5. SPIDER MURPHY - C'è La Musica Rock
  Powerpoppy aor/melo-hr.
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