WBAB: Son Of Homegrown LP 1982
Label: WBAB Broken Records #: 1982 Country: USA
Info: Sequel to the successful Babylon, NY radio compilation. Comes with two-sided inner sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TWISTED SISTER - You Can't Stop Rock And Roll
  Demo version of the classic NWOAHM anthem. One notable difference is the kids chanting in the chorus.
2. STRANGE BREW - Doomsday
  New wavey prog rock that reminds me of the Scottish band PALLAS.
3. THE ROUSTABOUTS - Iron Curtain
  Old fashioned rock and roll.
4. MAZARIN - The Only One
  Fun retro rock.
  Great hard rock like SCORPIONS with a southern rock influence.
6. BETWEEN THE SHEETS - Forbidden Beach
  1950s girl-group spoof.
7. JOE COSTANZO - Long Island's Rock And Roll
  Radio station promo.

Side B:
1. SOUTHERN CROSS - Lady Killer
  Heavy southern rock with a dose of DEEP PURPLE. This song also appeared on the WDHA compilation N.J. Rock.
2. EQUINOX - Better For You, Better For Me
  Great piece of hard AOR.
3. VIXEN - Go Crazy
  Catchy power pop.
4. RAT RACE CHOIR - Struck By Lightning
  Soft AOR.
5. CINTRON - Getaway
  Great hard rock with nice DIO riff.
6. ZEBRA - For The Record
  Interview with Randy Jackson.
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