Warfare Noise III LP 1990
Label: Cogumelo Produções #: COG 029 Country: Brazil
Info: Not as bad as its rep, as long as you're not expecting extreme Black/Thrash like on the earlier volumes. Comes with 2-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RAZEFORCE - Death For All
  Like Abattoir or Toxik after a few cups of coffee too many. Good Speed Metal of US quality.
2. RAZEFORCE - Those Who Kill Be Killed
  Continues in the same tempo and style. Early Flotsam & Jetsam also spring to mind. Not your typical 1990 Braz-stuff for sure.
3. GREY FLOW - Toward Destiny
  My doG... parts of this grunting Prog-Thrash mess is so badly played it's hard to tell if some parts are intentionally off-beat with clever time changes, or just ordinary awful.
4. GREY FLOW - Childhood Illusions
  Slightly more straight forward and mid-pace, which works to their advantage but the vocals are still horrid.

Side B:
1. BUTCHER - Frontier Of Chaos
  Butcher on the other hand present excellent, technical/progressive Speed Metal, like a more power metal Coroner perhaps.
2. BUTCHER - Quest
  Sounds like a different vocalist on this song and the more melodic style fits the music much better than the Mille Petrozza-wannabe on the previous track. Continued goodness that shoulda' fit in with the NRR-rooster very well imo.
3. DISEASE - Screwy
  Bay-Area type stuff with weird vocals.
4. DISEASE - Disease
  They've learned their Megadeth/Metallica-moves well but this is as mainstream/streamlined as Thrash ever got.
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