Wappelpee LP 1980
Label: WAP Records #: - Country: Holland
Info: WAP was an acronym for Westlandse Associatie van Popmuzikanten, a music org made up of bands & musicians from Westland, the Netherlands. The first of 2 volumes made. 1-sided insert with lyrics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. EMPIRE - Crazy On You
  Poppy rock ballad.
2. ARGYLL - A Star Almost Fell
  Poppy 70's rock.
3. EMPIRE - The Days Go By
  Upbeat rock with a twist of The Beatles.
4. QUASAR - The Raft And The Liquid Graves
  Good prog. Reminds me of Gong.

Side B:
1. DEEP WATER BLUES BAND - Travellin' Man
  Country blues rock w/ slide guitar and rockin' solos.
  Blues rock w/ a twist.
3. JENNIFER - The Reason
  A tiny design-flaw on the back cover makes it look like this is a third DWBB track, which made for a cunfusing/amusing first listen, since this is a quite brilliant Hard Rock tune with a heavy Rainbow/Uriah Heep-bias.
4. JENNIFER - Still I'm Dreaming
  Similar galloping Rainbow-influenced proto-HM with great melodies. The high mixed keys and softy production takes away some of the magic though. Or adds some, depending on your mood.
5. DIFFERENCES - Whisky Man
  Rock ballad.
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