Uusi Musa LP 1983
Label: IT-Records #: ATI-001 Country: Finland
Info: The anonymous back sleeve doesn't give away any info on who where behind this compilation or if it had any backstory other than presenting "New Music" (title in English) to the Finnish rockers'n'poppers.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DGH-ROCK - Vessashade Boogie Night
  Novelty-sounding calypso(?)-pop-rock.
2. TAKKU - Hei Me Tiedetään Kuka Se Oli
  Great catchy rock with a 70's flair.
3. PIN-UP BOYS - Hakalanranta Kutsuu
  Melancholic amateur rock.
5. SALMIAKKI - Lähimmäiset
6. UJO & LIEVÄ - Menevä Mies
  Singer-songwriters w/ acoustic guitar.
7. NEXT - Lintumies
  Amateur rock.
8. LAHTISEN TANET - On Eilen Tainnut Tulla Otetuksi

Side B:
1. HESSEN - Kuvitelma
  Rock'n'Roll meets powerpop.
2. RAILWAY - Get Up
  Hardish rock but no traces of Metal, sorry.
3. Z-BLACK - Now We've Got Time
  Limp pop-rock.
4. DISTANCE - Night Runner
  Good, fast-forward NWOFHM with them trademark Scandinavian vocal melodies. Same band who did the "It Seems To Be Right/Caught In The Fire" 7" and also featured on the "Suomi Rock 1" comp LP.
5. THE WILD BUNCH - No Money No Love
  Simple, straigh forward Hard Rock missing the ballsiness of for instance their countrymen Peer Günt.
6. IRON HORSE - This Time
  Great, raspy vocals elevate this melodic boogie-metal piece high above the average-mark. Neat find for fans of the earliest NWOHM-sound.
7. STONED - Song For You
  Another Metal-free hard(ish) rocker.
8. IRONCROSS - Dealer
  A simply crackin' lead riff makes this my fave song by the band. Pefect NWOFHM rocketfuel and soundwise smack-in-the-middle between their debut and the "Street Warrior" LP.
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