U.S. Metal LP 1981
Label: Shrapnel Records #: SH-1001 Country: USA
Info: The very first release on this once great label and probably the first "real" Heavy Metal compilations from the US. Unfortunately not the great, groundbreaking, American answer to "Metal For Muthas" as we'd wish it to be. Probably the weakest one in the series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CHUMBI - U.S. Metal
  Opens with some great, wailing guitars and turns into quite a respectable HR/proto-Metal cut. Pity the ridiculous vocals and lyrics.
2. EXXE - Look Into The Light
  Upbeat NWOAHM. Decent background-HR that would have benefitted from a heavier production.
  Dull Hard Rock with too many dreary solos.
4. WHIZKEY STIK - Outta Line
  Hammond-fueled 70's rock. Pass.
5. ISSACK NEWTON - Damascus
  Best song so far and it's an instrumental. Eastern scales meets proto-Power Metal riffing.

Side B:
1. THE RODS - Gettin Higher
  Never really got into these guys, and this song is way too 70's-flavoured for me to change direction. Later featured as bonus on the CD reissue of the s/t album.
2. GREG STRONG - The Snake
  Guitar solo.
3. REDDI KILLOWATT - Liquid Lady
  Weird, sort of 70's Glam-tinted (hard?) rock. Too many solos again.
4. LYLE WORKMAN - Code 3
  Another great instrumental. I don't mind the solos as long as they're intertwined with guitar harmonies as catchy as these.
5. TOYZ - Rockin' Disease
  Funny how Sleaze Metal in it's embryonic state could remind you of such godly acts like Mistreater or Bleak House.. Really cool song.
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