Teutonic Invasion Part One LP 1987
Label: Roadrunner #: RR 9624 Country: Holland
Info: Various demo tracks from German Thrash/Speed/Power bands, presented by Rock Hard magazine.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PARADOX - Pray To The Godz Of Wrath
  Less Metallica and more Epic/Power than their later albums - like a more intricate Running Wild maybe? In other words brilliant.
2. XANDRIL - Terminal Breath
  Hands down one of the greatest German demo bands ever. Powerful, original Speed Metal with fem vox.
3. MORGAN LE FAY - Killer Without A Face
  Ambitious yet somewhat sloppy Metal w/ so-so vocals. Also on "Metal Hour - Metal Tracks No. 3".
4. VIOLENT FORCE - Soulbursting
  Ravaging SpeedThrash! Hardly original, but everything is falling into place here. Different (and superior) to album version.

Side B:
1. MINOTAUR - Planed Head
  Like with most their old demos, here they show what a great, pioneering Deathrashing act they really were - unlike the poorly mixed debut LP from 2 years later. Later featured on "The Slaughter Continues" demo reissue 7" in 2002.
2. CROWS - Final Flight
  Great uptempo Heavy/Power a la Brainfever, let down by weak vocals.
3. WARNYNG - Revelation
  Raw & mean Heavy/Speed of the good ol' Teutonic tradition.
4. POISON - Sphinx
  They were more than just brutally ahead of their time - they knew how to cook up long, fairly intricate Death Metal-masterpieces as well. Later featured on the "Into The Abyss" MLP from 1993.
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