Talent Show '83 LP 1983
Label: Antoni Records #: 4411/1 Country: Germany
Info: Part of a 2-album set presenting contenders for a music competition held in Sindelfingen, Germany. Pressed on blue vinyl + includes a ballot card.
The other volume comes in an almost identical sleeve, but subtitled "Schlager, Pop, NDW" and should be of even less interest to Corroseum-readers.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ROMANCE - Verrückt
  Melodic rock/aor.
2. PEARL - You're In My Life
3. RISK - Ice Cold
  Keyboard-oriented hard/fm-rock with a late 70's sound a la Dynasty-era Kiss.
4. TABULA RASA - Zuviel Gesoffen
  More keyboard-frenzy, but less radio and more pomp this time. Pretty good HR-stuff.
5. HEADHUNTER - Black Widow
  Boogie'ish NWOBHM-style rocker a la Gaskin, More etc..
6. BOHÉME - Australia
  Pompy rock ballad.

Side B:
1. PHASE TV - Why Stay Together
2. SIR LANCELOT - He's Not A Friend
  Poppy prog/pomp.
3. POIZON IVY - Popper Schocker
  Funkish 70's style hard glam rock.
4. MAINSTREAM - Black Out
  Hard Rock once again with a heavy 70's feel. A really great lead riff and funny fem back-up vocals makes it the most interesting track on the album though not really close to HM.
5. VORERST ANONYM - Anarchie
  Jumpy (novelty?) rock in a punk tempo.
6. ID-PROJECT - In Der Hoffnung
  Kinda ambient, proto-post-rock. By the end of the song you realize this is actually great, out-of-its-time, epic goosebumps-fodder.
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