Surgery Of The Power LP 1989
Label: Fireball Records #: FP 001 Country: Italy
Info: All Italian acts of varied quality. Printed innersleeve w/ lyrics & band info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FLIGHT CHARM - Come Out Of Your Shell
  Technical, melodic Metal sounding somewhat stale and disjointed.
2. ZIP FASTENER - Your Identity
  Typical late 80's melodic/lightweight radio-Metal of the American brand.
3. WITCHUNTERS - Deadly News
  Decent PowerThrash a la Vendetta/Paradox let down by awful, whining vocals. Not to be confused with the Witch Hunters who did the "Cry For The Moon" LP.
4. BABYLON - Ain't Got Angels
  'Party'-sleaze rock. Comically horrid, mostly thanks to the retarded vocals.
5. HYDRA - Stranger
  Mainstream Heavy/HR like 80's Scorpions.

Side B:
1. H. KRISTAL - The Prayer
  Solid, guitar-oriented Metal in the Vicious Rumours-vein.
2. WIZARD - It's Only Love
  Flat'n'wimpy aor.
3. ARPIA - 1783
  Classic Italian Darkness! Less prog-rock than their later material and more like that Dark Quarterer/Tegen Hart/Paul Chain-style we all love.
4. CANADA - Don't Throw Your Heart
  More silly melodic HR/aor with lame vocals.
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