Stjerre Barre (S)wier 7" EP 1991
Label: Stifting Hollebatsers #: 002 Country: Holland
Info: The second release from the Friesland music org Stifting Hollebatsers, following the Pûr Bést comp LP from the year before. 2-sided insert w/ band info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MUD MEN - Rednek Breeze
  Quirky 'post-metal'/crossover.
2. MYCOSE - Midlife Perversity
  Heavy Death Metal like a more adventurous Autopsy.

Side B:
  Fast, technical (but not too quirky) Thrash a la Beneath/Arise-Sepultura. However the vocalist sounds like he wants to mimic Toto Bergmann or some other German '85 Speedmetaller. Unfortunately he's not very successful.
2. ANCESTRAL SIN - Time Will Change
  Ultra-speed HC like Heresy or Cryptic Slaughter.
3. ANCESTRAL SIN - Time Will Change
4. ANCESTRAL SIN - Time Will Change
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