S.P. Metal II LP 1985
Label: Baratos Afins #: BA 15 Country: Brazil
Info: More bands from the Sao Paolo-area, continuing the greatness of the 1st volume and possibly surpassing it. Includes insert w/ lyrics, bios etc..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SANTUARIO - Espartaco, Gladiador Rei
  Anthemic Power Metal of international quality, right up there with the finest Swedish, Dutch, Canadian or Hungarian demo bands of the time.
2. KORZUS - Principe De Escuridão
  Slow, pounding, almost doomy Metal turning into SpeedThrash halfway through. Mean & bloody awesome stuff!
3. ABUTRE - Rock, Rock, Rock
  Not at all what you'd expect from the song title. US/"Metal Massacre"-Metal riffing orgies galore. Awesome, of course.
4. PERFORMANCES - Viajante Perdido
  Rough'n'Wild NWOHM-mayhem! Way better & smarter than you'd think from the weird band name.

Side B:
1. ABUTRE - Quando O Fogo Comeca Arder
  Quite the shock! Top-class, original Power Metal with a few hints of late 80's VOIVOD (!?)
2. PERFORMANCES - Guerreiro Da Paz
  Even with the slightly out-of-tune vocals this is still great Epic Metal w/ a healthy dose of M Fate/Manilla Road-goodness.
3. SANTUARIO - Santuario
  Dark & somber Metal like Blitzkrieg at Celtic Frost-pace.
4. KORZUS - Guerreiros Do Metal
  Speed - Metal! of the 1st Slayer-brand of "definingness" (..if that's even a word?) Gotta be good..
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