S.P. Metal LP 1984
Label: Baratos Afins #: BA-013 Country: Brazil
Info: This compilation could probably be considered the "Metal Massacre I" or "Metal For Muthas" of Brazil, at least in importance. Despite a few bands already having their debut LPs out on the market, this LP pretty much spearhead the large Brazilian Heavy Metal explosion of the 80's. "S.P." = Sao Paolo, the town of origin for all featured bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AVENGER - Missão Metálica
  Not the best of openers. Rather plain, play-by-numbers HM.
2. CENTURIAS - Duas Rodas
  Judas Priest-fandom at large in the town of Sao Paolo. Better than Avenger but still not quite there yet.
3. VIRUS - Matthew Hopkins
  Fast Heavy/proto-Speed Metal. Brazilian Steel represents! ..and shows it's best and most defining treats.
4. SALARIO MINIMO - Cabeça Metal
  Great, simple yet honest Metal with some wonderful, melancholic harmonies for that enchanting, exotic vibe.

Side B:
1. CENTURIAS - Portas Negras
  Fantastic little anthem with simply riveting leads of which they surely had a hard time topping on their later albums.
2. SALARIO MINIMO - Delírio Estelar
  Pretty stock lead riff elevated by superb vocal melodies.
3. AVENGER - Cidadão Do Mundo
  Better than their first song, here with some more energetic parts and superior riffing, but still the least exciting band on the album.
4. VIRUS - Batalha no Setor Antares
  Fast (Speed?) Metal of which it is hard to draw any western comparisons to. Who cares, it's just... great Metal!
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