Speed Up (Heavy News) LP 1990
Label: Zong #: 2770 006 Country: Germany
Info: Released in West Germany, though all 3 bands were from East Germany. Also available on CD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MERLIN - Crying In The Night
  Speedy & mellow, dead-on Helloween worship. Unfortunately w/ Kiske-clone on vox.
2. MERLIN - Der Zauberer
  Heavier, more sinister Power Metal(old) here. Getting better. Previously featured on the Rock Bilanz '89 DLP.
3. MERLIN - Excalibur
  Back to mellowspeed. Not bad, only redundant.
4. MERLIN - After The War
  "power" ballad.
5. HEADLESS - Easy Rider
  Driving Metal reminding me of Pokólgep for some reason. Great, twisted chorus!
6. HEADLESS - Vulkane Der Erde
  More honest, clenched-fist-Metal w/ another killer chorus.

Side B:
1. HEADLESS - Metal For YOu
  J Priest's "Turbo" leftovers? Not necessarily a bad thing.
2. HEADLESS - Heart Of Steel
  Another JP/Accept-sounding hardrocker. *shrugs*
3. HARDHOLZ - Mystic Dream
  Slow & mean heavy/hr the Deutsche way.
4. HARDHOLZ - Asphalt Lady
  Blitzkrieg/Diamond Head-leads and German vocals?! No complaints here.
5. HARDHOLZ - Wieland, Der Schmied
  Meaty riffing and epic uh-ah-um's in the chorus = "win", as the kids would put it. Grrreat song!
6. HARDHOLZ - Tannhäuser
  Double-bass-drum-attack! Simple but oh so effective. Hardholtz = BBoC (Best Band on Comp)
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