Speed Kills II LP 1986
Label: Under One Flag #: FLAG 2 Country: England
Info: Continued Thrash/Speed history-writings from Mr Constable and the MFN/UOF-folks. Innersleeve with pictures and reviews. Just one single unique contribution, but an impressive collection of classics with almost equal impact as the premiere volume and my personal fave in the series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AGENT STEEL - The Calling/Agents Of Steel
  SPEED METAL, defined.
2. RAZOR - Evil Invaders
  That wonky nursery-rhyme-like verse is this song's secret weapon.
3. BATHORY - Possessed
  One of the most extreme tunes from "The Return..". Scared me away from the band for a few years as a kid. They really sound like they're from a completely different world than the other featured acts ...which in a way I guess they were.
4. HELLOWEEN - Ride The Sky
  Epic PowerSpeed, defined.
5. LIVING DEATH - Hellpike
  Another SPEED METAL-defining moment.
6. SODOM - Sepulchural Voice
  As close to an Epic as early Sodom ever got.

Side B:
1. WHIPLASH - Warmonger
  Rough Thrash/proto-Death mayhem.
2. IRON ANGEL - Rush Of Power
  Evil, rigid Speed-Thrash.
3. DESTRUCTOR - Pounding Evil (new version)
  An improved and totally destructive version of this SpeedThrash masterpiece (!) with added 'Evil Intro'. Put next to even their best contenders on here it becomes clear how big they could have become if tragedy hadn't struck the band a few years later.
4. ONSLAUGHT - Fight With The Beast
  At this moment in time they were UK's finest Slayer-disciples.
5. BRAINFEVER - Brainfever (remix)
  Very nwobhm-sounding PowerHeavySpeed especially remixed for this comp. with a notable improvement in sound compared to the LP version.
6. ANTHRAX - Gung-Ho
  Their 'token Speed Metal song' off StD, back from when they hadn't turned completely useless just yet.
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