Speed Kills LP 1985
Label: Music For Nations #: MFN 54 Country: England
Info: One of the most iconic Speed/Thrash compilations and one of the first of its kind, compiled by Dave Constable of Metal Forces magazine. It's fascinating how at the time of its compiling, these dozen acts summarized the major album-releasing part of the entire scene. Printed innersleeve with pictures and thanx list.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HALLOW'S EVE - Metal Merchants
  Parts of this tune sound so much like Metallica's "Whiplash", but there were a lot more to these guys in their early days.
2. EXODUS - A Lesson In Violence
  What is it with me and this band..? A great piece of classic Thrash, yet still one of the more anonymous offerings on this volume.
3. DESTRUCTION - Bestial Invasion
  Absolutely desctructive riff-orgie Speed and one of my all-time 1st gen Thrash faves.
4. BULLDOZER - Insurrection Of The Living Damned
  I guess they could be considered the most 'obscure' band featured here, but their metalized Venom-meat still stand tall among the giants.
5. METALLICA - Fight Fire With Fire
  How cool is it that Metallica come off as the most extreme act so far?
6. SLAYER - Evil Has No Boundaries (Live)
  I think this is the best version I've heard recorded by the band. Cool surprise!

Side B:
1. POSSESSED - Pentagram
  Dark and abrasive, you can really tell these guys are in the middle of inventing a whole new subgenre here.

EXCITER - Riders From Darkness

  It's hard not to like almost everything by these Masters Of Speed, though this track isn't quite on par with the best material of their 2 first albums.
3. VENOM - Black Metal (New Version)
  Cool, a bit faster & tighter version than on the LP. This is from the 1985 Radio 1 session later featured in its entirety on the bonus disc of the 2002 2CD reissue of "Black Metal".
4. VOIVOD - War And Pain
  If all those slow, Sabbathy bands hadn't nicked the expression, THIS would be Doom Metal!
5. MEGADETH - Rattlehead
  The new band with that guy from Metallica.
6. CELTIC FROST - Into The Crypts Of Rays
  Man they sound so sick next to Megaduh... Best band on comp.
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