Seven's Up LP 1986
Label: Globe Musikproduktion #: G7224-861 Country: Germany
Info: Mostly small-town bands from the south-west of Germany. There's no year of release stated anywhere on the album, but the YUMA 7" from which one of the tracks were taken was recorded in '86, so that year would be a qualified guess.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. POKY JOKE - Letters In The Sant
  aor so wimpy it's downright offensive.
2. TOUGH STUFF - On Broadway
  More aor/westcoast.
3. NERO - Beatastone Forever
  Even more wimp-"rock".
4. DIRTY DEEDS - World On Fire
  Unsurprisingly, this is of course 2nd rate Ac/Dc-buggery.
5. ZWIEBELTURM - Schmalspurrocker
  Acoustic novelty song (?)
6. YUMA - Nightrider
  Twin-guitar EuroMetal-standard with some decent M Fate-like riffing. Unfortunately not an exclusive recording, it was also featured on the band's one and only 7".

Side B:
1. TUNING FORK - Touch
  Lullaby pop-rock.
2. NERO - Now The Rain Keeps Falling
  Instrumental jazz-rock-light.
3. DIRTY DEEDS - Breaking The Rock
  More Ac/Dc-worship, here with a much needed energy-boost of Motörhead and thus superior to their side-A offering.
4. POKY JOKE - Tell Romeo
5. ZWIEBELTURM - Nancy + Sid
  Quirky punk-spoof.
6. TOUGH STUFF - Midnight Tears
  Pomp/aor ballad.
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