Salut Les Tympans Feles LP 1986
Label: New Electric Way #: 2344 Country: France
Info: N.E.W./NEW Records was a French label mostly concerned with licensing foreign Hard Rock and Metal. One of their few unique releases was this horrendously ugly comp, in turn including a purchase-justifying unique recording by your favourite Frenchmen. The title referres to a French HR/HM TV show that ran in the mid-80's and each song on the album is introduced by host Jean-François "Jeff" Bouquet, also editor of French Metal mag Metal Attack.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ACE - Ballroom Blitz
  Despite some metallish drums & guitars, French ACE almost manages to break a song previously thought to be unbreakable.
2. PAULINE GILLAN BAND - The Damage Is Done
  Commercial hr/aor.
3. RIO - When The Walls Come Down
  Mainstream Hard Rock.
4. CHROME MOLLY - Nuclear Attack
  Pretty decent cover of one of Gary Moore's more NWOBHM-sounding numbers.
5. EXCITER - Pounding Metal (live)
  The version featured on the B-side of the "Feel The Knife" 12". My least fave tune on the otherwise flawless icon "Violence & Force".

Side B:
1. ROGUE MALE - Rough Tough
  Imho one of the few really great bands in the rough'n'ragged Euro-Street Metal/quasi-sleeze ungenre.
2. VULCAIN - Dreaming (But Still Rock You)
  100% Vulcain, i.e. great Hard Speed Metal Rock, i.e. 99% Motörhead, plus another 1% Motörhead on top since they sing in English this time. Best song on comp by miles.
3. LEGS DIAMOND - Right Between The Eyes
4. LIVING DEATH - Watch Out
  I'm the biggest Living Death fan I've ever met, but even the greatest of bands has their share of fillers (except for Brocas Helm) and I'm sorry to say "Watch Out" is one of LD's.
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