Roxcalibur LP 1982
Label: Guardian Records'n'Tapes #: GRC 130 Country: England
Info: Classic NWOBHM compilation, released with rarely seen poster insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BLACK ROSE - No Point Runnin'
  Great NWOBHM track with a bit of an early DEF LEPPARD feel. Different to both single and LP versions.
2. BRANDS HATCH - Brands Hatch
  Killer song in the TYGERS OF PAN TANG style.
3. BATTLEAXE - Burn This Town
  Nice driving rhythm, but kind of repetitive.
4. SATAN - Oppression
  SATAN's very first release is an absolute killer. Later released on the 12 Commandments in Metal compilation.
5. MARAUDER - Battlefield
  Decent but not very heavy 70s rock tinged track.
6. UNTER DEN LINDEN - Wings Of Night
  Hints of indie rock make this song original and enjoyable but a bit out of place.
  Very powerful and unique song with hardly any of the pop sound of their other material. The fade out at the end just leaves me wanting more.

Side B:
1. BATTLEAXE - Battleaxe
  Typical of the band, this is good but generic.
2. MARAUDER - Woman Of The Night
  Sounds a lot like LED ZEPPELIN's Trampled Under Foot.
3. BLACK ROSE - Ridin' Higher
  Another great song, and a bit faster and heavier this time.
4. UNTER DEN LINDEN - Man At The Bottom
  Even further removed from NWOBHM. Might have worked better with a more powerful vocalist.
5. SKITZOFRENIK - Keep Right On
  The piano adds more of a radio friendly sound, but still a great energetic song that should appeal to most NWOBHM fans.
6. SATAN - The Executioner
  Both SATAN tracks are excellent in a similar style and quality to their Kiss of Death single. Along with the 7" they are the only released tracks with vocalist Trev Robinson.
7. BRANDS HATCH - No Return
  Great vocals and more melodic than their first offering.
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