Rock Meets Metal Volume 1 LP 1987
Label: Ebony Records #: EBONS 104 Country: England
Info: One of the last Ebony releases before they morphed into Reaction Records and continued to release rare compilations for another year or 2. Like with most of their later comps no band info is given and some of them might be from outside the UK.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STRANGER - Tokyo Road
  Melodic HR with a touch of Thin Lizzy.
2. CIRCUS - Down And Out
  More melodic HR but a little heavier than the opener and not as radio-oriented.
3. E.S.T. - S.O.S.
  Soft but excellent, moodfilled Hard Rock with plenty of melody and a cool, twangy guitar tone. Definitely not the Russian band.
4. TEACHER'S PET - Could Have Been Love (Tonight)
  Shitty aor with shit vocals.
5. APRIL 16TH - Thursday's Child
  Bland vocals but decent, heavy riffing from these born-too-late UK hardrockers. Different to LP version.
6. ST. VALENTINE - Always Together
  Wimpy, melancholic hr with ugly digital drums and awful vocals. The later gives a hint that the band was probably from outside the UK.
7. TOMB - Dungeon Gates
  Musically a sloppy Venom/Motörhead mix but with more traditional, screechy Metal vocals.
8. MASQUE - Going Home
  Great Power Metal with fem vox. In the same superb style as their rare MLP.

Side B:
1. SPELLBINDER - Babylon By Night
  Both music & vocals are Dio-worship galore and pretty excelent too. Catchy as hell!
2. CHARLIE MOUSE - Get Up And Party
  Sleazoid party-HR nonsense.
3. CRASH DIET - Stagestruck
  Fast olde-NWOBHM-oozing stuff, unfortunately with completely tuneless vocals.
4. ROULETTE - Who's Crying
  Boring hard rock.
5. DARK CRUSADE - Lady In Black
  Crude UK Speed Metal reminding me of the Onslaught debut with added Power Metal spices. Pretty cool for being so primitive.
6. PARADISE LOST - Watch The Spider
  Despite the so-so vocals and almost 'grungey' guitars a quite interesting tune. Very original stuff for sure. No relation to the goth-metal band.
7. RAM - Eternal Grave
  Decent mix of fast, upbeat Hard Rock and early US Metal.
8. SWEET CYANIDE - Natural Born Loser
  Forgettable 'party-rock'.
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