Rock Masters LP 1987
Label: Reaction Records #: UNREST 4 Country: England
Info: A quite mysterious compilation on post-Ebony label Reaction. More Hard Rock-oriented than the earlier Ebony-comps. No band info whatsoever, so it's possible some acts came from outside the UK.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TROJAN - Relentless Pursuit
  The Irish Trojan. Great, quite original HM w/ rather over-the-top vocals.
2. FAR CRY - Julie's Home
  Poppy HR semi-ballad.
3. RACER - Poor Litte Rich Girl
  More pop-vibes, but with some decent, melodic NWOBHM-flavour this time.
4. RENDEZVOUS - Lock Me Away
  Sleaze HR/HM starting out like a ballad and then becomes M Crüe w/ out-of-tune vocals.
5. CALIBRE - Just A Little Bit
  Quite an excellent mix of oldest, simplest M Fate and melodic NWOBHM.
6. DEL RIO - Love Strippers
  More Sleaze w/ horrible vocals. My poor, poor ears :(

Side B:
1. TERRA NOVA - Under Fire
  Top-class melodic US Metal meets Tokyo Blade! Could that be Alan Marsh on vox?
2. M-16 - (Standing) On Top Of The World
  Not sure if this is the NY band or not but I doubt it. Great Maiden-Metal with the kind of dead-serious-sounding vocals I personally enjoy a lot.
3. ZELA - Leaving
  Awful aor-fluff.
4. SYLENT KNIGHT - The Beast Within
  Peculiar, amateurish Metal. Simple but strangely compelling and hard to wrap your head around..
5. STORM - High Class Girl
  You typical, late 80's, radio-friendly Sleaze Metal rocker.
6. PREY DON'T PRAY - Somebody Stole My Soul
  Despite the cool band name this is generic rock with a quasi-alternative, college-radio feel to it.
7. M.B.M. - By My Side
  Sound like dark 60's pop-psyche meets NWOBHM. Pretty nice.
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