Rockmapa LP 1989
Label: Supraphon #: 110537-1311 Country: Czechoslovakia
Info: Technically this compilation and its follow-up didn't include any unique material since all songs were also featured on a series of 7" singles (w/ exclusive B-sides) but it still felt like they belong in this list at least in spirit, so here you go..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ARAKAIN - Proc?
  Powerthrash in the typical late 80's style of Powermad, Paradox, Vendetta etc..
2. TITANIC - Vizaz
  Mid-pace, chugging HM. Pretty bland. The only track here not featured on a Rockmapa-series 7", but on a split-7" with SIFON.
3. TÖRR - Kult Ohne
  Evil, creepy-crawly Black Thrash with a heavy Celtic Frost vibe and some Master's Hammer guitars.
4. KERN - V Sobotu Ne
  Solid Accep/Priest HM with high vocals.

Side B:
1. VITACIT - Poutník Zivotem
  Rather original Metal with both some laid back as well as thrashier parts. "Semi-Progressive" HM?
2. SAPON - Sance Pro Tebe
  NWOBHM-oozing leads and a bit of Deep Purple/Gillan. Good one.
3. MOTORBAND - Je To Spas
  Heavy-Speed sounding not at all like Motörhead but rather like old Helloween or Rage.
4. POHODA ROCK - Muzikantsky Blues
  Slow blues rock.
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