Rock From Hell LP 1983
Label: Noise International #: N 003 Country: Germany
Info: Noise Rec's first, unlicensed release of their very own. Innersleeve w/ a pic of S.A.D.O. + info on the rest of the bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. S.A.D.O. - Run, Baby, Run
  Odd mix of great, mean Heavy Metal and commercialism.
2. GRAVE DIGGER - Violence
  Raw, olde Speed/Power, oversimple and somewhat ruined by o.t.t. vocals. Later featured as bonus on a CD reissue of "HM Breakdown".
3. GRAVE DIGGER - 2000 Light Years From Home
  More laid back and NWOBHM-sounding than the version on "HM Breakdown". One of their best tracks.
4. RAILWAY - Break It Up
  Raunchy HM in the style of Sinner.
5. RAILWAY - Can't Stand It
  Fast, wicked HM/HR anthem reminding me of some classic old US band who's name I can't recall..

Side B:
1. IRON FORCE - Tyger In The City
  More 70's (Purple) sounding than you'd expect from the band name. Still an awesome song.
2. IRON FORCE - The Band Is On The Road
  Rocking FWOGHM reminding of UK counterparts like TOPT, PRAYING MANTIS etc..
3. RATED-X - Burning
  Hard Rock w/ some strange leads & breaks making me seasick (!?)
4. RUNNING WILD - Chains & Leather
  Different from "Branded & Exiled" version (a bit more flat production)
5. RUNNING WILD - Adrian
  Different from "Gates To Purgatory" version (same production flaw as above)
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