Rock For Peace LP 1988
Label: Melodia #: C90 27115 004 Country: Russia
Info: A curious CCCP-compilation that exists in at least 3 different pressings, all with different covers. Not to be confused with its Bulgarian namesake.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. John Denver & Alexander Gradsky - Dabajte Načnem [Let Us Begin]
  A unique collaboration between Mr. Denver and one of Soviet's oldest and most famous rock/pop artists. Folksy ballad.
2. MASTER - Ŝit i Meč
  Unlike the one on the Yunost..-comp, this is the debut LP version of their Speed/Power classic "Sword And Shield". The mix is however quite different and sounds a lot less muddy here :)
3. BRAVO - Začem Rodilsja Ty?
4. ATTRAKCION - Pesčanaja Strana
  Pompous ballad.

Side B:
1. ARIA - Na Službe Sily Zla
  Like with the Master track, this is the same version as on their debut LP, "Santa Lucia"-intro and all, and also with a better and more 'clear' mix.
  Stomping, sax-infused rock.
3. TIME-OUT - Kto Podnimet Meč
  NOT the same Russian "Тайм-Аут" who released 1 lightweight hard rock + 1 crappy alternative rock LP in the early 90's, but the older, heavier bunch who made the "Prometei" demo from which this song is taken. Top-notch, fast & catchy Metal like prime-era KRUIZ, ARIA, MASTER etc..
4. KRISA KEL’MI - Zamykaja Krug
  Schlager ballad.
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