Rock 90 - The Year After LP 1990
Label: Slovenska Hudobna Asociacia #: ZA 0001-1311 Country: Czechoslovakia
Info: One of the first independent rock releases from Slovakia, if not the first.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ZAI - Sme Takí Ako Vy
  Punk a la UK '77.
  Dark, doomy punk rock.
3. EXTIP - Krajina Času
  Ramones-style punk-
4. EXTIP - Kengura
  - " -
5. DAVOVÁ PSYCHÓZA - Radujme Sa Veselme Sa
  Raw, dirty punk rock.
6. REQUIEM - Jánošík
  Essentially a great Euro-Heavy/Power-mix of ADX, King Diamond and Turbo, but I'm having a hard time deciding if those odd riff- and tempo-changes are really cool & original or just weird & annoying.

Side B:
1. ISABELLE - Je Ti Málo
  Happy-go-lucky pop-HR.
2. ISABELLE - Ja Viem
3. PRESSBURG - Dlhý Zvyk
  Melodic, pompy HM with plenty of keys.
4. PRESSBURG - Šesť Čísel
  Melodic HR/HM standard similar to their countrymen Tublatanka or Metalinda.
5. HARTUS - Mala Len Tričko
  Dull classic rock.
6. HARTUS - Tak Sa Snaž
  More boogie'ish, still boring as hell.
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