Rock 106 Presents Homegrown LP 1980
Label: Rock 106 #: HG-101 Country: USA
Info: Local artist compilation from Nashville, TN radio station WKQB. All songs were recorded in 1980, but due to various problems (read the sticker on the front of the shrinkwrap) it may not have been released until later. Comes with one-sided inner sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LUST - Hooker
  Ron Keel's first hard rock band, and as you'd expect it sounds quite a bit like STEELER though the guitars have more of a chainsaw buzz than the neo-classical style of Yngwie.
2. GARY BETHART - Electric Boys
  Nice 70s style heavy rock, in the vein of THIN LIZZY. The attempted air raid siren vocals are an obvious weak point.
3. PLACID FURY - All The Time
  If I hadn't heard their other track I would not think they were going for metal due to the poppy song structure and keys, but perhaps they were.
4. ED FITZGERALD - Johnny Panic
  Post-punk/new wave.
5. SEXY - Come Home (I Miss Your Harley In The Yard)
  Unimaginative blues rock that's supposed to be funny, I guess.

Side B:
1. LUST - Speed Demon
  Ironically, this is a completely different song than the one that Keel would record three different ways later on. Much slower than you'd expect given the title, and with a nice thoughtful guitar solo.
2. PLACID FURY - Hold Me Close
  More of a NWOBHM sound, but pretty awful unfortunately.
3. ED FITZGERALD - Living With A Tiger
  Odd mix of TALKING HEADS and LED ZEPPELIN that almost works.
4. SEXY - Hot Shot Of Lovin'
  Sounds like a female version of MEATLOAF, without the songwriting skills.
5. GARY BETHART - Blow Up The Band
  This track speeds things up a bit, while also adding some old school glam influence.
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