Q107 Homegrown Vol. 3 LP 1981
Label: Basement Records #: BASE 6007 Country: Canada
Info: One of a long-running but lightweight compilation series by Toronto radio station CILQ.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE HEAT - Desperate Gamble
  Female fronted pomp rock.
2. BACKROADS - Streetcar Rider
  AOR/pomp rock.
3. THE ITEMS - 36-37
  Indie pop/rock.
4. BOY'S BRIGADE - Mannequin
  New wave.
5. LABYRINTH - Nights So Cold
  Possibly the highlight of the entire Q107 series.. It has acoustic guitar and keyboards throughout, so it isn't out-and-out metal, but it is epic heavy rock that falls somewhere between WINTERHAWK and RITUAL (UK). Not to be confused with the Winnipeg band.
6. RICK SANTERS - Time After Time
  Good-time hard rock like a more radio-friendly CONEY HATCH.

Side B:
1. MACE - Leave Me Alone
  Hard AOR.
2. HARD ROAD - Boogie Till Your Face Falls Off
  Funky boogie rock.
3. THE WANDERERS - Do It Right
4. PHASE IV - A Child
  Reggae rock.
5. DAVID KRYSTAL - Gang Wars
  Reggae rock.
6. BAD RABITZ - River
  Awful boogie rock.
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