Pure Overkill LP 1983
Label: Guardian Records n' Tapes #: GRC 2162 Country: England
Info: Guardian's third and last NWOBHM compilation, and by far the weakest.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RISK - Comin' For You Baby
  Inoffensive and uninteresting boogieish NWOBHM.
2. MILLENIUM - Steal Your Heart
  Enjoyable hard rocker that recalls SCORPIONS' "Top Of The Bill".
3. TOKYO ROSE - Lost In The Heat
  Not to be confused with the dreadful TOKYO ROSE who had a 7" on Guardian Records, this band later became DARK HEART. Unsurprisingly, this sounds like a primitive version of DARK HEART, specifically the track "Shout It Out".
4. SPARTAN WARRIOR - Steel 'N' Chains
  Takes the basic SAXON formula and speeds it up a bit.
5. TOKYO ROSE - Give Me Back My Heart
  Semi-ballad that does not live up to the DARK HEART standard. Not bad really, but thank goodness they were allowed 4 tracks because otherwise it would have been a shame for them to waste one on this.
6. INCUBUS - Runnin' For You
  Awful pop "metal" with a disco beat, like one of the weaker tracks from their To The Devil A Daughter LP.

Side B:
1. SPARTAN WARRIOR - Comes As No Surprise
  A touch more imaginative than their other song from this album, and quite enjoyable too. This was retitled "Easy Prey" on their debut LP.
2. MILLENIUM - Rock Was Meant For Me
  Solid NWOBHM with some tired lyrics but strong vocals from future TORANAGA singer Mark Duffy.
3. TOKYO ROSE - When The Lights Go Down
  The same dark IRON MAIDEN inspired sound you might expect, sounds a bit like MYTHRA.
4. INCUBUS - Caught Red Handed
  More disco metal, but at least this song is catchy and fun in a cheesy way.
5. MILLENIUM - Magic Mirror
  They certainly weren't the most original bunch, this time using a modified riff from DEF LEPPARD's "Wasted", but they did what they did well. Mislabeled on the sleeve as "Mirror Mirror".
6. TOKYO ROSE - Victim Of Love
  Finishing off the LP with a great near epic number.
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