Powertrax MC 1986
Label: Neat Records #: C1033 Country: UK
Info: Promo cassette showcasing some of Neat Records' recent and forthcoming releases.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STATETROOPER - She Got The Look
  Melodic post-NWOBHM from Gary Barden's band, this is the same version as the single.
2. WARFARE - Metal Anarchy
  Title track from their 1985 LP.
3. TYSONDOG - Taste The Hate
  Taken from the Crimes Of Insanity LP.
4. SARACEN - We Have Arrived
  Alternate version that was later used in the Metal City video.
5. ARTILLERY - Time Has Come
  Opening track from their debut, Fear Of Tomorrow.

Side B:
1. VENOM - Witching Hour Live In '85
  Live version from the Hell At Hammersmith EP.
2. ATOMKRAFT - Your Mentor
  Sporting a more gothic sound than usual, this was intended as a 12" single (NEAT 54). However, it was not released until 1993 on the Heavy Metal Collection 2 CD (and later on ATOMKRAFT's Total Metal: The Neat Anthology).
3. WAR MACHINE - The Power
  Slightly different demo version of the track from their Unknown Soldier LP which came out shortly after this.
4. SHE - Breaking Away
  Though the title is not listed on the cassette, this is the B-side from their lone single.
5. MANTAS - Lothlorien
  Enjoyable melodic instrumental from VENOM's guitarist. This was supposed to be the theme from an unreleased video titled Metal Bitch.
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