Pit Record Vol.2 "Rock On" LP 1982
Label: private / Toshiba-EMI (manufacturer) #: HL-8047 Country: Japan
Info: Terribly obscure NWOJHM-comp of which I've found zero info so far. Who made it? What happened to the bands? Who's got Volume 1 and want to give it to me, entirely for free? Includes 2-sided insert.
Alt. title: "Rock On - PIT vol.II"

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Introduction
  An uncredited and severely misplaced 'Popcorn'-type electro intro.
2. ADAM - Come Walk With Me
  Great, galloping HM with young female vocals that, while very much amateur-hour, reminds me of Hollow Ground's "Flying High".
3. BACKFIRE - Shadow Of Love
  More rough vocals than we're used to from 80's Japan. Good, crunchy Priest-Metal with a twist ...and vampire lyrics.
4. KAGERAFU - Tabidachi No Hi Ni
  In despite of very silly only-in-Japan vocals, this is fairly solid, keyboard-dominated melodic HR, sounding the most Jpn-Metal so far.
5. KAGERAFU - Again
  They also have sort of a westcoast touch to them, but with guitars heavy enough to metal you.
6. Hurry Up
  Pop-rock jingle outro.

Side B:
1. LAYLA - Stage Dancer
  Another galloping scorcher. A bit like Heavy Metal Army had they gone full-blown NewWaveOfHeavyMetal.
2. LAYLA - Airan
  A heavy, pounding rather than doomy semi-ballad.
3. SIRIUS - Mystery Of Era
  Melodic Metal stock with keyboards but there's satisfying portions of both chugging riffs and power chords.
4. PARANOIA - Rockin' Down
  A good, fast metalrocker w/ hammond which doesn't seem releated in any way to the band who released the "Come From Behind" LP in 1987.
5. OUTLAW - Seaside Melody
  Queen-style semi-ballad. Hard to tell if the band had a Metal heart or not..
6. Hurry Up
  Classic rock jingle outro.
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