Peace-Eater Vol. I CD 1991
Label: Rave Music #: RM 0012 Country: Germany
Info: Sponsored by the German fanzine Underground Empire, this was the first in a series of 5 compilations.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. SUICIETY - The Punisher
  Solid thrash metal like EXODUS with Master Of Puppets style guitar solos.
2. BATTLEFIELD - Leap In The Dark
  Progressive metal with squeaky female vocals like Corinne Hacquebey (SHELDER) but not quite as out-of-tune. One of the least annoying tracks from their LP.
3. LIGHTNING - King Madness
  Run-of-the-mill German speed/thrash with a slightly technical edge.
4. PLENCE 0221 - Bad To The Bone
  Sloppy and dated hard rock/metal with awful sleazy vocals.
5. DARK MILLENNIUM - Black Literature
  Cool doomdeath that reminds me of early TIAMAT. Different to LP version.
6. MEGACE - Monofaces
  Tech thrash with a female singer who alternates between clean and raspy (and does neither very well).
7. MCB - The Old Wolf
  Bad MOTORHEAD influenced thrash metal with gutteral vocals. East German band who also appeared on the Hard & Heavy compilation.
8. REVOLT - Don't Fear The Night
  Great old school power metal.
9. RAGNA RÖK - The Promise Chapter Three
  Garbage alternative metal with half spoken vocals.
10. VOMITORY - Royal Rumble
  German thrash metal that is not as brutal as the name suggests, even sounding a bit like early IRON MAIDEN in the more melodic parts. Different to LP version.
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