Pang I Bygget LP 1983
Label: Pang Records #: PLP 026 Country: Sweden
Info: One of the more hard-to-find Pang-compilations thanx to the punk/HC-content, which seem to appeal to collectors of these genres. While the literal translation of the title would read roughly "Bang In The Building", this is more of a saying, in turn much harder to translate. Read more on the Pang Records compilations and what they were about here.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
2. MANGELZON - Mitt Eget Land
  Keyboard-oriented pomp/hr.
3. APACHE - Frihet
  Rock ballad.
4. APACHE - I Lost My Love
  Rock w/ ridiculous vocals.
5. R.A.P. - Stolt Försvar
  Generic punk rock.
6. R.A.P. - Leve FMLN
7. THE LEGACY - At The Treshold Of Hell
  Rather bland & lightweight Metalrock with constipated vox and not at all as heavy as the title would imply.
  Ac/Dc-meets-Accept boogie-Metal with a decent riff or 2.

Side B:
1. FRU TRANZ - Soldated På Kyrkogården
  Goth/alterno with retarded vox.
2. FRU TRANZ - China House
3. IQ ZERO - Murderer
  Incredibly soulful D.I.Y.-Metal on horseback sporting an unorthodox yet totally earthshattering chorus. One of Sweden's top-10 Metal songs imo.
4. IQ ZERO - Evil
  A solid "B-side" followup with great guitars. The production on these songs really gets under your skin and is a major part of the magic.
5. EVE'S ADAM - Ge Mig Ett Liv
6. EVE'S ADAM - Destruktiva Tankar
7. SUBWAY ARMY - 19 At 2
  Primitive oi/punk/hc like Exploited.
8. SUBWAY ARMY - Proud Punkx
  Same same. More UK-sounding than your typical Swedish D-beat stuff.
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