Onsabrücker RockBum Nr. 1 LP 1985?
Label: Pogo POP Müsik #: - Country: Germany
Info: Compilation of bands from Osnabrück, Germany, released by a local music org. Definitely one for the "Incredibly ugly & un-Metal-looking album sleeves with Metal content"-gallery. No year of release is stated on the album, but the demo from which the Black Jack Co.-tracks are taken is said to be from 1985, so that would be my best guess. No further volumes are known.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MÜTTER'S RUIN - Ilse, Ilse
  Super-80's-sounding, slightly wacky radio-rock a la Oingo Boingo.
2. MÜTTER'S RUIN - Für Marlene
  Rock ballad.
3. MÜTTER'S RUIN - Kürt, Watt Is Mitte Tour
  Progish pop-rock.
4. DER VEREIN - Maria
  Soft reggae-pop.
5. DER VEREIN - Gaby

Side B:
1. BLACK JACK CO. - She Wants To Get Out
  Riffy, stomping Metal-rock. There's amateur charm, but not much else to raise a fuzz about. ..apart fromt he fact that this is pre-S.D.I.(!) Their 7" from '86 I haven't heard, but for the record their contribution to the "Zeus Top Hits" comp from the same year turned out to be a ballad-disappointment :(
2. BLACK JACK CO. - Overkill
  Ever so often when these mom's-garage acts want to go Epic it ends up sounding very much like "Hallowed Be Thy Name" - which isn't a complaint, really.
3. DEO DIETER BAND - Das Beste
  Amateur-Rush in German.
4. DEO DIETER BAND - Gönn Dir Was
  As above.
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