New York Metal II LP 1990
Label: Rockcity #: RC-004 Country: USA
Info: Rockcity Records was a label run by Lou Vetere, former vocalist for TEAZER. I believe New York Metal II was the last thing he did and by this time Rockcity had moved away from its metal roots, though as a hard rock compilation this album is rather good.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DEVIAS - Bad Girls
  Glammy hard rock with some great metal guitars that remind me of LIZZY BORDEN's more mainstream work. Features the vocals of Frank Vestry who sang on the debut LP by BURNING STARR.
2. ROCKSLIDE - Crazy Lady
  Good melodic metal with a bit of a LILLIAN AXE feel to it.
3. GRIMM JACK - Downtown
  Decent hard rock/sleaze.
4. HANG EM HIGH - Paradise
  Bluesy hard rock in the style of BADLANDS.
5. STREET PIRATES - Hells Kitchen
  Awkward sleaze, though I can hear some influence from heavier artists such as OZZY OSBOURNE.
6. CANNON - Coming Down On You
  Early 80s style American hard rock/heavy metal with an end of the decade commercial edge.

Side B:
1. KIDD BLAST - Rockin' Horse Rock
  This is basically TAKASHI with Lou Vetere himself on vocals (under the pseudonym Vixx Vett) Unfortunatly they play lame sleaze/party rock on this track.
2. MAJENTA - Gone Tomorrow
  Odd mix of progressive metal and mainstream hard rock like QUEENSRYCHE meets Y&T.
3. 3 DAYZ DIRTY - I Want It, You Got It
  Boring glam/sleaze.
4. DIRTY HANDS - The Score
  Heavily distorted guitars and gravelly vocals usually indicate metal, but when you strip those away it's just old fashioned rock and roll.
5. JUSTICE - Freedom
  Good but sloppy US metal.
6. PRANCER - Like It
  Female fronted hard rock, like a less metallic BLACK LACE.
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