New Electric Warriors LP 1980
Label: Logo Records #: MOGO 4011 Country: England
Info: NWOBHM sampler compiled by rock journalist Nigel Burnham. Check the back sleeve pic for quite a rant from the man!

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TURBO - Running
  Snotty, pounding NWOBHM (duh) with a great groove to it.
2. BUFFALO - Battle Torn Heroes
  Boogie-Heavy with a bit more aggression than your average boogie rock.
3. STREETFIGHTER - She's No Angel
  A bit heavier than their later EP. Sound like a fresh roughening-up of 70's Hard Rock good on the way of becoming Heavy Metal.
4. STORMTROOPER - Grind'n'Heat
  Hard R'n'R doing it heavier than their cousins from a few years back. Nothing too exciting though. Not to be confused w/ any other Stormtroopers.
5. TAROT - Feel The Power
  Most metallic leads so far, but songwise it's no keeper.
6. BASTILLE - Hard Man
  Back to generic, heavy Hard Rock. Leaves no lasting impression whatsoever.
7. OXYM - Hot Rain
  Thundering leads and sinister guitars sounding a wee bit like WF General + a more mellow chorus. Faster, less progressive than their 7" yet still great.
8. DAWNWATCHER - Firing On All Eight
  Blackmore-leads and hammonds straight outta the 70's, but delivered with a bit more bite. Great song, but the singles are even better.

Side B:
1. VARDIS - If I Were King (new take)
  Re-recording of their greatest track ever. Classic, STORMING lead riff! (later ripped off by both Metallica and 9"Nails)
2. SILVERWING - Rock & Roll Are Four Letter Words
  YoungDumb&Fullocum-hardrock. Cute.
3. RHABSTALLION - Chain Reaction
  Solid hardrocker with a faint punk-vibe on the chorus. Turns out great!
4. COLOSSUS - Holding Back Your Love
  A bit laid-back, dated, hardish rock.
5. JEDEDIAH STRUT - Workin' Nights
  Yet another Hard Rock-standard easily forgotten.
6. WARRIOR - Still On The Outside
  Rough & Heavy 70's groove. A nice enough change of pace. No clue which of the many Warriors this might be - not any of the 'known' ones as it appears...
7. KOSH - The Hit
  Quite sloppy & amateurish Heavy, reminding me of Nightime Flyer but without their cool.
  It should be common knowledge by now that is the band where Dave Halliday from the mighty HELL started his singing carreer. Unsurprisingly the best & heaviest track on the album, though the other 2 tracks from this demo are even better.
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