Music From Poland At Midem '84 DLP 1984
Label: Polskie Nagrania #: ZPR 001/ZPR 002 Country: Poland
Info: MIDEM was/is the largest music business conference in the world, held on a yearly basis at Cannes, France. This album was ment to promote Polish popular music at the fair and while subsequent volumes were made commercially available to the public, this first '84 edition was a conference-visitors-only limited edition of 300 copies. The following 3 volumes each feature one unique (as in English version) track by Polish hardrockers TSA, but I think the band of interest here should have more general Metal-appeal, even though technically it's not as heavy as those TSA tracks. Came in a Gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LOMBARD - Akku-Harrah My Dream
2. TURBO - Grown Up Children
  This English version of the title track of their 1982 debut LP doesn't sount too corny at all. As far as ballads go this certainly isn't the most hopelessly sappy composition out there and at times it almost resembles a real song. Seems like the same recording as the LP, but with a new vocal track..
3. LADY PANK - Mniej Niż Zero
4. Marek Biliński - Dom W Dolinie Mgieł
  Instrumental synth-pop.
5. Jacek Skubikowski - Someone Cool Is Playing Pool

Side B:
1. MAANAM - I Love You, My Love, I Love You
  Alternative w/ a reggae beat.
2. Klaus Mitffoch - Ogniowe Strzelby
  New Wave.
3. 2 PLUS 1 - XXI Wiek (Dla Wszystkich Nas)
4. KOMBI - Cyfrowa Gra
  Instrumental synth-pop.
5. BUDKA SUFLERA - Jolka Jolka
  Rock ballad.

Side C:
1. GANG MARCELA - I'm Gonna Break Loose
  Mellow schlager.
2. Urszula - Slowly Walking
  Pop ballad.
3. VOX - Monte Carlo Is Great
4. Urszula Sipińska - A Place You're Gonna Miss
5. ALEX BAND - Straight On

Side D:
2. NOVI SINGERS - This Masquerade
  Slow jazz.
3. CRASH, Grażyna Łobaszewska - Needle Of Love
4. ORKIESTRA ÓSMEGO DNIA - November 1 In New York
5. Ewa Bem, SWING SESSION - Grovin' High

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