Metal Warriors LP 1983
Label: Ebony Records #: EBON 11 Country: England
Info: 4th, best & goodest looking Ebony comp ever. The latter thanx to the talented hands of Garry Sharpe.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SHY - Tonight
  Supermellow aor. Talk about a lousy choice for opening track.
2. HIGH LEVEL - Devil's Gate
  Good heavy riff-Metal like their countrymen Heavy Load. Apparently there's a Syron Vanes-connection of some sort.
3. FLYTE - Oh For The Brains Of A Ludwig
  Great "Emeral"-inspired intro followed by catchy, classic NWOBHM with a Thin Lizzy flavour.
4. MITCHELL TROY - Playing Soldiers
  Shamefully forgotten UK Metal talent. Great vocal- & guitar melodies
5. WISH - Night Life
  A roughened up Angel Witch w/ razor sharp riffing. Meaty, though hardly original.
6. OMEGA - Blood Sacrifice
  The same post-Apocalypse band who later did The Prophet LP. As dark, moodfilled and epic as ever and one of their finest tunes.

Side B:
1. SORTILÉGE - Cyclope de L'etang
  Superb, classic track from these Mighty Metal frenchmen. Different to (and better than) LP version.
2. LYADRIVE - We've Got The Rock (You're Gonna Roll)
  Plain but sturdy, rockin' NWOBHM a la Sparta.
3. T.N.T. - Sorry
  Way heavier and superior to their Neat Rec 7". A metalized "Gods Of Thunder"-riff makes for a great listening.
4. VORTEX - The Devil's Voice
  Another Angel Witch-sounding bunch, almost cloning them on the chorus. Killer track that should inspire some research. From Rotherham, England (i.e. not the Dutch band)
5. SINNER - Destiny
  Funny "Call Me"-ripoff on the verses and it works quite well as NWOBHM-track, so no complaints. From London (i.e. not the German band)
6. RANDOM BLACK - Ophelia
  Nice aucustic parts making their Metalrock sound like Sabbath's 2 last Ozzy-platters.
7. BREEZE - Do You Want To Love Me
  Feel-good, trad r'n'r. With the hard rock guitars it almost sounds punky.
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