Metal Warning DLP 1987
Label: Více #: 38EC-2001 Country: Japan
Info: A must-buy for die-hard Japan Metal fans since it's full of exclusive recordings from plenty of semi-classic band. For the rest of us it's a fair cross section and representation of the Japanese traditional HM scene at the time, for better or worse...
Gatefold sleeve + folded insert w/ lyrics. (front sleeve w/out obi)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TILT - Bloody Mary
  Upbeat Hard Rock'n'roll. Does anyone actually like this kind of stuff?
2. TILT - Travelling Man
  Sounds like Accept when Accept sounds like AC/DC, but mostly like Accept.
3. INSPIRE - The Run-Down Liner
  Like on their 7" they're halfway 'Weird Japan', but I'm not sure they try to be ..or maybe they don't try hard enough? Good & original, streetsy Metal/HR nevertheless.
4. WOLF - Shadow Of A Shade
  Superb Power Metal with neo-classical guitars that outshines even the best moments of their MLP.
5. WOLF - Last Word
  Another pounding Accept-like lead riff but with more melodic vocals this time. Unfortunately the tune feels rather monotonous after a while..

Side B:
1. FAST DRAW - Nokemono
  Thrash Street-Metal like Wrathchild America or Megadeth-goes-sleaze?
2. SABER TIGER - Break Down
  The Fasten Up Records-lot this time and not Hide's (X Japan) old band. Good'n'fast Americanized Metal. Different to 7" EP version.
3. MEDUSA - Grab It With Your Wisdom
  My doG Accept must have been HUGE in Japan in 1987! ...no wait, this is a bit more 'Party-Metal' really.
4. MEDUSA - Nothing Of You
  Going all-in on the 'Party-Metal' trip this time.
5. MAZERAN - Heaven Tonight
  Flimsy keyboard-dominated HR.

Side C:
1. URGH POLICE - Midnight Love Hunter (live)
  Good'n'ready NWOBHM-like 'album-opener' power!
2. URGH POLICE - Next 806
  Funny, angular riffing that's still not original enough to take their average rockmetal to any higher levels. Still an awesome band name tho'
3. JEWEL - In Silence
  Excellent Queensrÿce-style melodic Metal, yet carrying all the Japanese trademarks.
4. JEWEL - Appeal To Arms
  They still have a 'rÿche-feel to them, but this is more of a straight-forward Power/Heavy tune.
5. COLOR - Sandbag Baby
  Silly, happy-rock nonsense.

Side D:
1. TERRA ROSA - Vision Of The Lake Bottom
  Absolutely radiant proto-Power with a hefty Rainbow/Silver Mountain-bias. The kind of tune that puts the band's discography on your wantlist in no time.
2. TERRA ROSA - The Endless Basis
  More of the same and possibly even better. Think "Marching Out"-era Rising Force. Atm I can't confirm weather these are the same recordings as on the debut LP or not. They are however recorded in the same studio, by the same engineer the same year.
3. EX.DANGER - Silence Of Night
  On their excellent "Tyrant Into The West"-mini the vocals were tolerable and merely the weakest link in an otherwise very strong chain. On this more commercial/melodic tune they sound quite awful.
4. EX.DANGER - Imagination Break Down
  Back to the good'n'fast Power-style of the MLP, but the vocals are still insanely bad, like Klaus Meine with CP.

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