Metal That Matters Pic-LP 1987
Label: Iron Works #: IW1016 Country: USA
Info: A compilation of various Iron Works/Azra familiars + a couple of obscure unknowns for good measure. Comes in a die-cut sleeve with insert. It was also included in the rare "Canned Meat" box set.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LIEGE LORD - Prodigy / Wielding Iron Fists
  At their best, Liege Lord is almost great - but seldom better.
2. RIPPER - Sinister Minister
  My fave tune from my fave Iron Works album is the perfect, horrifying blend of Death SS and 45 Grave (with perhaps a wee touch of Bobby "Boris" Picket).
3. FORTRESS - Ride On The Wind
  Bwaaahahahahaa! My doG those vocals are hilarious! Almost so hilarious I'm considering checking out their album for more laughs. Pity the pretty sweet 70's styled melodic Heavy Rock tune..
4. STORMTROOPER - Steamroller
  Crushing Testosterone-Metal that sounds just like its title. Another fave from an IW fave.
5. WARWITCH - Psycho
  The album's mystery band #1 is great, raw SpeedThrash like a garage mix of comp-mates Bloodcum and Holy Terror. This song was also featured on an ultra-limited white vinyl octagon promo-shape split with Malisha, but I'm still considering it an exclusive since that oddity seem more like a promo for this and follow-up pic-comp "Slaves To Rock" (it has the same cat# as this LP).

Side B:
1. HOLY TERROR - Distant Calling
  Putting HOLY TERROR's legendary masterpiece "Distant Calling" on a comp like this is a bit like putting Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name" on an Ebony-comp (and do take into account that this one's better than most Ebony comps). The 1986 demo version, later featured on the "Guardians Of The Netherworld" DLP from 2015.
2. MERSINARY - The Pendulum
  Funny. I've semi-hyped their EP ages ago, but put after the previous song their straight-up US Powerthrash now feels kinda bland. Would have benefited from a better mix for sure.
3. BLOODCUM - Son Of Sam
  Their bloodcumiest song, sounding very bloodyummy indeed. Hardcore Slayer.
4. KNIGHTMARE II - Razor Love
  There's much to be said about this corny outsider-Metal act, but here I'll just conclude that the midpace, rockin' "Razor Love" is one of their few decent songs and doesn't smear the album's name in any way.
5. IRONN CROSS - Children's War
  ChrXst almighty... The even mysteriouser mystery band #2 disappoints on a celestial scale. Sub-basement level peace-psyche poorly disguised as Heavy Rock with not one but two awful vocalists. My inner IncrediblyStrangeMetal-demon smiles..
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