Metal Rock LP 1985
Label: RGE #: 303.6036 Country: Brazil
Info: Looks like a bit more 'overground' a product compared to the contemporary SP Metal comps, with slightly better production values and rooted more in the older HR-scene. Still well worth checking out.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MADE IN BRAZIL - Quente e Gostosa
  For being total Ac/Dc-copycatting this is a pretty nice number, despite (or because of?) the fact it's basically "Whole Lotta Rosie" with new Portugese lyrics.
2. ECLIPSE - Força da Imaginação
  Great, groovy Hard Rock with lots of pull. Nice wiggly guitars!
3. ATACK - Um Cara Legal
  Stripped down pounding Metalrock with a boogie-beat like the best moments of early The Rods.
4. MÁSCARA DE FERRO - Prá Bem Longe Daqui
  Rumbling, fuzzy yet proud Garage-Metal-punch that unfortunately never made it further than this comp. Prime Olde Braz-Steel!
5. DI CASTRO (Sangue Da Cidade) - Vizinho Roqueiro
  Redundant boogie rock w/ silly keyboard breaks.

Side B:
1. DI CASTRO (Sangue Da Cidade) - Ela Era Menor
  More laid-back boogie-rock.
2. ECLIPSE - Jornada
  Uptempo Heavy Metal with superb guitar leads reminding of old nwbhm faves like Hollow Ground, Bleak House, Bitches Sin etc..
3. MADE IN BRAZIL - Kamikaze do Rock
  Type A straight-forward heavy Hard Rock like Purple meets early Saxon.
4. ATACK - Quanto Você Quer
  Slow, pounding yet anonymous Hardrocker.
5. MÁSCARA DE FERRO - Máquinas no Comando
  Simplified but endearing Exotic Metal of exactly the sort your were looking for when picking up this comp.
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