Metal Meltdown Vol. 4 MC 1989
Label: Medusa #: 7 72631-4 Country: USA
Info: The last volume in this series of Seattle area metal compilations was only released on cassette. A 15th track, ULYSSES D AND MISS C - The Oh Say Fuck Routine, is listed on the sleeve but does not actually exist. Ulysses D is none other than David Portnow, the guy behind the Metal Meltdown series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. 7TH STRANGER - Deadtown
  L.A. style sleaze metal with nasally female vocals.
2. WHISKEY FIX - Ain't Got Nothin
  The guitars are sufficiently metal but it has the vocals and pop hooks of a glam song, sort of like HEAVEN'S EDGE.
3. LEGEND - One More Time
4. KILLER SHRIKE - Into Your Face
  MEGADETH inspired thrash metal with a bit of a modern groove.
5. MIDNIGHT - Pray To Kill
  Incredibly sloppy speed metal.
6. KAMRUN VEIL - Lonely For Love Tonight
  Power ballad that is fairly metal, but never gets heavy enough to be really good.
7. VODUN - Rockaholic
  Party/sleaze rock with a KISS-like chorus.

Side B:
1. DARK AGES - Smokestar
  Not for everyone, in fact I hated it at first and then it grew on me. The biggest problem is the singer who sounds like a crazed Debbie Gunn, but the whole thing has a purposeful sense of chaos that reminds me of BROCAS HELM's second LP. An improvement over their Medieval Sorcery EP, though not entirely different.
2. TOXX L'RAE - Doesn't Make A Difference
  Smart glam.
3. SLAMM SUZANNE - Perforated Condom
  Bad punk/sleaze crossover.
4. FACE FIRST - Tear Me Apart
  Cheesy glam ballad.
5. SUITE 69 - Want Your Love
  Sounds a lot like The DARKNESS if they had existed 20 years ago.
6. TEACHERS PETT - In The Darkness
  Killer prog/power metal like HEIR APPARENT or FATES WARNING with perfect vocals.
7. SHOW & TELL - Fuck Off & Die
  They seem to be jumping on the thrash bandwagon here, but the result is this weird punk/sleaze hybrid.
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