Metal Meltdown Volume One LP 1985
Label: Decibel Shock Reords #: DSR 1000 Country: USA
Info: Compiled by Subway Magazine. The cover art was drawn by Rod Freeman of featured act MAX PLÄNCK. All bands were from the state of Washington.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. D.C. LACROIX - Rip It Up
  Sleaze rock/metal standard with female vocals.
2. KIL D' COR - Too Late
  Surprisingly NWOBHM-sounding, sleazoid, rough HM.
3. STRYCHNINE - Run For Your Life
  Great classic US Metal of the olde school. Nothing original or so, but still, 2 thumbs up! (same band who did the very rare "No Escape" 7")
4. CENTURY - The Strike
  Classic US Steel of a slightly more Epic/technical/galopping kind. Quite a gem!
5. SASHAY - We Are The Young
  Heavy Hard Rock/"proto-sleaze". Miniature Stadium Rock? Not too bad.

Side B:
1. SLAUGHTER HAUS 5 - Reckless Endangerment
  Pounding Heavy Rock, like M Crüe at their heaviest. Also featured on a very rare 7" released the same year.
2. HELLRAZOR - Wanted
  Neat nwohm-piece w/ stomping (stumbling?) drums and good fem vox.
3. KALIBER - History
  Yeah! Raw, chugging Metalrock you just gotta love.
  Sloppy semi-ballad and a major disappointment considering the cool band name.
5. MAX PLANCK - Starscream
  Simply amazing, mean-as-fuck Power/Heavy with insane Udo-like vocals! One of the greatest hidded US Treasures. Period. Their godly demo material was recently reissued on LP by Buried By Time And Dust Records.
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