Metalmania LP 1989
Label: Denver #: DCD-1016 Country: Mexico
Info: One of the more common (or rather 'less uncommon') Mexican Metal comps. Rereleased on CD in 2003.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. R.I.P. - Belfagor (Ano De La Metamorfosis)
  Pummeling Speed Metal with too much bass guitar in the mix. Almost comical in its ineptitude.
2. PUÑO DE HIERRO - Angel De La Maldad
  Out-of-tune vocals drags a Heavy/Power standard down to abysmal levels.
3. ROXXY - Sola
  Sloppy melodic HM that's probably the least awful so far. This time only the keyboards are out of tune.
  Close to good Heavy Metal. Too bad rehearsal rooms seem to have been in short supply during the Mexican 80's..
5. ARPAD - Diosa De Orgullo
  There's no saving this melo-Metal trainwreck - not even if the keyboardist would have stopped hammering away frenetically at his instrument of choice.

Side B:
1. PUÑO DE HIERRO - Puño De Hierro
  My doG what is that noise?!?! After an awful intro we get served some almost listenable, German-sounding Speed Metal stock.
  Another almost-good US-style Power Metal number sounding quite a lot like Helstar.
3. ROXXY - Siempre Tu
  Melodic stuffs, more in the radio-friendly HR vein this time.
4. R.I.P. - El Beso De Judas
  An attempt at very Adramelch-sounding, neo-classical Epic Metal showing plenty of promise. Almost leaves you wanting for seconds.
5. ARPAD - Espero
  A decent ending by way of melodic Metal semi-epicness.
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